Simple - Intimate - Beautiful



Hi, I'm Megan.

And I am all about being true to yourself and who you are.

The simple pleasures; the intimate moments; this beautiful life you've created.

I want to get to know you both individually and as a couple. I want to understand the pieces of your lives: the details; the relationships; the love of life; and, most importantly, your love for each other. I want to show you how impossibly beautiful two people in love are together.

Your life is not a scripted Hollywood movie, and your wedding film shouldn't be either. It should be filled with all the pieces of your life as they are, not as a cinematographer wants them to be. It should be the place you go when you need a gentle reminder that your life is filled with so much love; it should be the place you go to keep that fire burning strong.

My style rings true to my beliefs. You won't find me shooting with a drone, or crafting unreal and scripted moments. What you do get is an intimately real film. One that shows how beautifully you've pieced your life together with your other half, and how perfectly you fit into each others lives.

Life is about the details, the experiences, the raw emotions, the people you love.

Your day as it unfolds, and your relationships as they are.

Your life and love are beautifully inspiring and I'm so excited to show it to you.