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✖️ I LOVE to cook. [usually]. I most often spend my Sundays making delicious things. I also love it when people tell me how much they love my food creations. 😉

✖️ One of the reasons I found myself enrolled in Journalism is because I am a writer. I started keeping a journal when I was 10 years old out of necessity. It got me through one of the toughest times in my life back then, and it is something that will continue to save me over and over again. Also, there is nothing so magical as putting pen to paper. Handwriting is the best.

✖️ I really, really like making lists. To do lists, lists of books I've read, even grocery lists for goodness sake. I couldn't tell you where I picked that up, but I can tell you I love it.

✖️ Whenever I find that I am losing myself, nothing brings me back quicker than a weekend trek through the mountains with the people I love the most.

✖️ Creating, it's what I do. a film. a photograph. a journal entry. a recipe. a workout. a plan. a gift. a life I love. I create, and it is what makes being in this world so worth it to me.

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