Questions I Get Asked Often


Why should we get film, we're already getting photos  - it's that enough?

Film and photos are so incredibly different - you cannot compare them. Of course, photographs of your day are a must, but film should be too. Audio is THE number one reason to get a film. How else will you remember the way your love read you their vows, or how heartfelt the speeches were from your closest family and friends? Your film will do more than just remind you what happened on that day; your film will transport you back to it in a way no photograph ever could.


How long after our wedding will we get our film?

Your film will go through quite a journey. This includes audio edits, personally selecting your music, and making sure everything is perfectly cohesive together. I strive for a quick turn around time, but will not compromise on quality. My delivery time is 6-8 weeks after your wedding, which I have learned is quick for the wedding film industry. However, I do create a custom teaser for you in the week following your wedding, so you'll have a little something to look back on while still on that beautiful wedding high.


Can we have our raw footage?

Yes, you can absolutely include that in your package! I believe you should have access to your raw footage if you desire it, and you should be able to look back on your day in your own terms. I am only able to include the raw footage if a USB is included in your package, as it is my vessel for delivering those big files to you.


Do I get choose the music included in my film?

Although I don't take direct requests, you're more than welcome to be part of the process. The music selected must help tell your story and create a beautiful film. If you would like to be part of the process, I will send you a selection of songs after reviewing your footage. You will go through them and let me know what you like and dislike about each. By this point I already know what kind of music you like, so I have yet to have any trouble finding songs my clients love. I am not able to work with any music that cannot be licensed out of respect for the artists.


Do you offer any physical products?

I do! I make custom boxes by hand for each of my clients who choose to include one in their package. Your box will include 3 personalized DVDs and one USB stick that includes your raw footage. Your DVDs will include a still from your film on it and your names and wedding date on both the disk and the DVD box. I include 3 DVDs so you're able to gift a few to family, friends, or hold on to them to give to your children one day. You are able to purchase the DVD package, or additional DVDs and USBs, after your wedding if you don't include them in your original film package.


Do you travel?

Heck yes! My boyfriend and I love to travel, and I would love to follow you wherever you choose to go.