the experience

I am all about being true to yourself and who you are, and working well with all your vendors so you can relax during your day. My films are documentary style, which I have pulled from my years in Journalism, so they show your day from start to finish in order to truly give you the feeling of being back in those moments. A full day package will have me capturing from the anticipation before you see each other into the most exciting and intimate parts of your day.

You won't find me interrupting you while you interact with your family and friends, or directing a special moment. I am quick on my feet and always thinking ahead, anticipating what is about to happen. Although I am generally quiet during the day in order to capture things as they unfold, there will be a few moments that will involve just a little directing to get the best footage, such as makeup & hair and your formals.

Your photographer will always be your main lead during your day, so I ask you to focus on them and let my camera become invisible to you. If I need a shot I'm not getting, I will let your photographer know I need to step in and take over for a moment. You can always be confident I am getting everything I need to create your film while working with your photographer, never against them.

During my four years as a cinematographer, I have learned what it takes to make a beautiful film. I understand the shots I need and how to get them, and I always leave your day with more than needed to ensure you get the most cohesive and heart-felt film.