The Filmmaker

I'm Megan, and I am the creator and owner of Cinderwood Films. (photo to come!) I am a former journalism major and a lover of the mountains, like many Albertans. I find my way out there any time I need a clear space to think and create.

I thrive off making connections and I live to create.

  • I am all about living genuinely and being true to who you are
  • Cherishing the small moments while keeping in mind your big-time goals
  • Never losing sight of where you've come from, your values, and yourself
  • I hope your wedding film can remind you of all the above and more

My promise to my clients

I promise to be more than just your videographer. I promise to be there for you during all your planning hurdles. Through the highs and the lows. I promise to be the one you can turn to when you don't know where to go, or when you just need a little advice. I promise to be your fountain of knowledge, and help you feel confident in your decisions. And, most importantly, I promise to give you back a piece of your day so you can hold on to your memories forever.